Quality of care

We are committed to the excellence of our services. Our aim is to offer the highest quality care, which is why we have an excellent team of professionals.

State-of-the-art equipment

The latest technological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients allow us to offer a first class service.

We finance your treatment

We have various payment options, and of course, we finance your surgery or treatment. Because health is the most important thing.


We are pioneers in research and clinical care

Since 1991 we have formed a specialized working group, made up of professionals in urology, andrology, reproduction, gynecology, psychology and pelvic floor rehabilitation.
We offer the most complete medical services so that each patient has the opportunity to receive care with the utmost rigor and the highest quality of care.
Our center, inaugurated 30 years ago, has grown to offer rapid diagnoses, cutting-edge treatments and surgeries of the highest level.

What makes us unique in Spain

  • Excellent medical equipment
  • Rapid diagnostic system
  • Quality and excellence in care
  • High-level technology
  • We finance your surgery
  • Personalised treatment
Dr Pablo Juárez del Dago

30 +

Years of Experience

Our figures

We are backed up by our extensive experience in healthcare since we opened in 1991.


Mentions in congresses




Surgeries performed



38 one thousand



Medical specialities


We offer assistance in a number of medical-surgical areas

Contact us by phone, email and/or whatsapp, and request an appointment with the doctor or professional you need.


Medical-surgical speciality that deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urinary system in women and men.


Speciality in charge of the study, research, and exploration of any aspect related to male sexual function and reproduction.

Gynaecology and obstetrics

Specialty that provides care for women throughout their lives, including pregnancy, childbirth, and treats diseases of the female reproductive organs.


We provide data from analyses performed on samples of blood, urine blood, urine, secretions, semen, etc., for the study, prevention, diagnosis andhe study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Speciality dealing with the prevention, treatment and re-education of the pelvic floor: the muscles of the perineum and lower abdomen. 

Psychology and sexology

We provide psychological care services, couple and individual therapy and first level sexual therapy. We accompany our patients in processes of sexual dysfunction.


What our patients say

We are aware of the importance of the comments and evaluations of other patients when it comes to deciding which professional you want to be treated by. For this reason, we guarantee the authenticity of all opinions, which are publicly available on Google.

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A trip to the heart of Cameroon: urological mission with Surgforall

We are very happy to tell you that part of our team, under the leadership of Dr. Pablo Juarez del Dago, with the anesthesiologist Javier Mora and Oliver Estupiñan from our Nursing Unit, have carried out a humanitarian urological care mission in Cameroon. In collaboration with the organization @surgforall, our team travelled to Cameroon to carry out a ... Continue reading A trip to the heart of Cameroon: Urological mission with Surgforall

DriCloud collaborates in the urological medical care mission that we have carried out in Cameroon with Surg For All.

On May 23, 2024, we started a urological mission at the Notre-Dame de la Santè Hospital, located in the Cameroonian town of Dchang. The team, formed by eleven health professionals, was led by our doctor Pablo Juarez del Dago. Among the members of the team were also Dr. Javier Mora, ... Continue reading DriCloud collaborates in the urological medical care mission we have carried out in Cameroon with Surg For All

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