Greenlight Laser Photovaporisation Laser Surgery

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Greenlight Laser Photovaporisation Laser Surgery

Since 2007 we have incorporated laser surgery of the prostate by photovaporisation and, at present, our centre has performed more than 800 operations.

The results are totally satisfactory in terms of urinary stream quality, without continence problems or any alteration in sexual potency. In addition to shortening bladder catheterisation time, it reduces the need to stay in the clinic (less than 24 hours).

We apply this technique to small prostates, less than 45 grams.

Greenlight Laser treatment details

What problem does this treatment solve?

Urinary problems resulting from prostate obstruction. In prostates weighing less than 45 grams or patients taking anticoagulant therapy: Eliquis, Sintrom, Aspirin, Heparin.

Areas to be treated


What does the pre-op consist of?

Blood tests with PSA and coagulation tests, urinalysis, electrocardiogram and visit to the anaesthesiologist.

What is the approximate duration of the procedure?

60 min depending on prostate size


Greenlight Green Laser Generator

Does it require anaesthesia?

Spinal or general depending on the individual patient and at the discretion of the anaesthetist.

Does it require admission or is it ambulatory?

1 day of hospitalisation

How should the patient be cared for after the operation?

Discharge without catheter in most cases (98%) to go home.
Rest 4 days at home

Approximate recovery time

2 weeks for a light activity
4 weeks normal life

Does it leave scars?

No scarring, operated through the urethra

What results should the patient expect?

Urinating without difficulty, with a stronger stream and in a more pleasurable way. Frequency of urination may take some time to reduce.

Complementary treatments

Post-operative medication is sometimes necessary to reduce urinary discomfort.

Further information

After surgery, the patient's erection and sexual pleasure will not be affected, but he will not expel semen at orgasm.


From 190,39€ per month*.

* We finance your surgery. Ask us about the different and convenient financing options we offer.

Our specialists

Frequently asked questions about selective photovaporisation of the prostate gland

How is Greenlight laser photovaporisation performed?

The laser beam applies energy to the prostate tissue, vaporising it. The high affinity of the green laser for haemoglobin causes coagulation at the same time, so bleeding is minimal.

How does it differ from the photovaporisation technique?

As certain parts of the prostate tissue are preserved, this tissue may give worse deobstructive results.

What results can be expected?

With a good selection of cases, our team is obtaining excellent deobstructive results, with results to date of preserved ejaculation in 100% of cases.

What patient profile is suitable for this modality?

We apply this technique to prostates smaller than 40 cc.

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